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The beef I’ve got with Mars, Veronica Mars…

Let me start this off by saying… I’ve got no real problem with Veronica Mars and I am glad that fans got a film out of all this…Do I think its wrong how they obatined some funds? Yes. Do I think took adavantage of a fan-base? Yes. Do I think the Kickstarter experiment was a failure? Yes. Numbers don’t lie… Veronica Mars opened this past weekend in 291 theaters and it couldn’t even crack the top 10. It made it at spot 11 almost making 2million over the weekend and now sits at spot 14 making an very poor 95K-100K (translates to a very anemic avg $300-375 a theater) a day and will probably close out of theaters with in the next 2 weeks. Let me put this in perspective The Grand Budapest Hotel is only in 66 theaters and currently at spot 8 making 350K-380K a day (translates to $5,300-$5500 a theater daily)…

The vision was already sold, and this leads to one of my biggest problems with Veronica Mars muscling in on Kickstarter. Veronica Mars had its shot. It was made by the studio system. It was funded by a major studio, and played on network television. It couldn’t sustain an audience on even the miniscule CW network, and its DVD sales were very low…very low.

Thomas tried for years to get a movie made, but Warner Bros., looking at the numbers, decided there wasn’t enough interest. Rather than leave it at that, Thomas took his established project and his fans, and brought them to a new marketplace, Kickstarter. The biggest issue here is that Veronica Mars had the CORPORATE SUPPORT of Warner Bros., which as the distributor will handle all legal work, all aspects included into distributing, marketing campaign and etc. This is your typical case of a privileged kid deciding he didn’t want to use his own money to buy something, so he used his popularity to get people to give to him.

If you want to believe that a Veronica Mars movie only costs $2 million (and it doesn’t) the cost of unions makes things more expensive (Trust me it was)and Warner Bros. has contracts with the unions; If you believe that the film was made on the budget you see on kickstarter (your wrong) then you have to believe that Warner Bros. was pleading poverty when they said they couldn’t spend $5 million on a movie, and the Veronica Mars Kickstarter pages makes no mention of how the studio plans to market the film to a larger audience. The kickstarter page also doesn’t even release if the film was planning to be limited (under 50) or wide release. Screwing fans over that possibly pledged in smaller cities…and the issues have already begun with the free download.

This is where the Kickstarter page starts getting misleading, and studios begin to con fans into the thought that the cost of making a studio picture is as simple as buying any other product. Warner Bros. isn’t in the business of making only $20 million total on a picture. No major studio is. That’s perceived as a flop.

"If you take a $5 million movie like Veronica Marsand take only the people who are fans and spreading word of mouth, you’ll maybe get $4 million at best, although as of this posting, even if all 46,738 backers bought a $10 ticket, the movie would only make $467,380. If you pour in $20 million into marketing, you might get $40 million back. That’s the risk the studios take, and that’s why they only do ad blitzes: so they can get the biggest audience possible." (collider)

Kickstarter can conceivably be both for indies and studio films, but the latter feels like exploitation of the fans. Yes, the fans are free to spend their money however they see fit, but shouldn’t their money at least pay for the cost of a ticket? Universal Studiosa also palyed a similar game with fans on the film of Serenity by making them pay to see an unfinished screening of the film..even though others test-screeners were seeing the film for free. But they took advantage of fan boys…So of course, Warner Bros. will ease their own financial burden on Veronica Mars while double-charging fans.

Fans can spend their money anyway they wish… I’m glad they got their film but The big winner is a studio that gauged interest by making fans pay, and will now run away with their money. Warner Bros. is entitled to profit, but it’s uncomfortable seeing a studio walk away from the risk but still reap the reward.

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Just hoping for 2014 to be better then 2013. 

I ended 2013 on a bad note… To New Beginnings. 


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